The ILAGO Board consists of librarians and other educators from Oregon. All members of the board collaborate on the facilitation of the fall and winter meetings, as well as the IL Summit.  The board also acts on information literacy related issues (i.e. letters, advocacy, etc.) throughout the year.

The Board will consist of the following positions:

Chair 1 year term; acts as Past Chair the following 1 year term

Past Chair 1 year term

Vice Chair/Chair Elect
1 year term; acts as Chair the following 1 year term; acts as Past Chair for a 1 year term

Technology/Communications Officer 2 year term

Members at Large 2 year term
There will be at least three Members at Large on the ILAGO Board although more are permitted. Ideally, Members at Large should reflect the diversity of the ILAGO membership, including representatives from community college, 4-year college/university, K-12, and/or other library and educational environments.

Call for board nominations will go out at the annual IL Summit. Voting for board nominations will take place shortly thereafter. The new positions will be in place before the end of the academic year. In the event that candidates for any position are unopposed, the board has the option to install those unopposed candidates without an election.

All ILAGO members are eligible to vote.

The election of the Vice Chair/Chair Elect will occur on a yearly basis.

Chair organizes all meetings throughout the year, in consultation with other board members.  The chair coordinates with the working groups throughout the year. The chair works as needed with outside groups in the articulation of information literacy. The chair coordinates financial responsibilities with the board.

Past-Chair assists where appropriate in organizing the meetings throughout the year and helps provide a history for incoming board members. The past-chair participates in all meetings.

Vice-Chair/Chair Elect assumes the office of Chair after one year as Vice Chair. The vice-chair assists the chair; becomes familiar with the on-going conversation around IL in Oregon; facilitates the Oregon IL conversation and IL articulation among ILAGO members; attends meetings and chairs meetings in the absence of the chair.

Technology/Communications Officer maintains the listserv and website, including gathering conference materials and making content from conference sessions accessible after the event; keeps website updated with current information and links to resources; ties together the IL Summit web presence and the ILAGO web presence.

Members at Large represent the information literacy interests of their respective library/educational environments. They will participate in board meetings when possible and provide feedback and assistance on ongoing issues presented by the board. They will also participate in the IL Summit planning.

The board may also establish designated liaisons with other groups in Oregon, such as Oregon Writing & English Advisory Committee (OWEAC) and Library Assessment Round Table (LART).

ILAGO Membership
Membership is open and defined by a subscription to the ILAGO listserv.
Members can:

  • Vote in board elections and on action/policy items – ballot distributed via ILAGO listserv
  • Post and participate in Information Literacy discussions via the ILAGO listserv
  • Share/post resources on ILAGO website
  • Participate in fall and winter meeting including setting the agenda for the year
  • Lead and/or facilitate discussions/work groups throughout the year
  • Participate on the Oregon Information Literacy Summit Planning Committee
  • Lead and/or facilitate discussions/work groups/presentations at Spring Summit
  • Volunteer for ILAGO projects as needed and desired

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