ILAGO Board 2021-2022

Amy Stanforth
Chair | Amy Stanforth | Portland State University

Sara Robertson
Past Chair | Sara Robertson| Portland Community College

ILAGO Administrator | Michele Burke | Chemeketa Community College

KimOlson-Charles2 (1)
OLA-LIRT Liaison | Kim Olson-Charles | University of Western States

Bronwen Maxson
Member-at-Large | Bronwen Maxson | University of Oregon Science

Member-at-Large |Pam Kessinger | Portland Community College

Member-at-Large | Kirsten Hostetler | Central Oregon Community College

Member-at-Large |Sarah Ralston| Eastern Oregon University

Member-at-Large | Lisa Tegethoff | Portland Public Schools

Member-at-Large | Elaine Ferrel-Burns | Retired, Portland Public Schools

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