Frequently Asked Questions

What does the abbreviation ILAGO stand for?

  • Information Literacy Advisory Group of Oregon

What is the mission of ILAGO?

  • Promote information literacy integration into the K-20 curriculum in Oregon
  • Facilitate discussion and innovation in information literacy instruction among practitioners
  • Advocate for information literacy

What does ILAGO do?

  • responds to state educational initiatives regarding degree requirements for college transfer degrees and developmental education.
  • emphasizes information literacy across all disciplines.  
  • collaborates with Oregon Writing and English Advisory Committee (OWEAC), supporting information literacy outcomes for the college Writing course sequence.

How do I become a member?

  • Join the ILAGO listserv, or, attend the Information Literacy Summit, or attend the Fall meeting
  • It’s free!

What do members do?

  • become informed about advocacy for information literacy efforts, K-20, across the state
  • participate in workgroups (Metacognitive Information Literacy Assessment, IL-AA/OT)
  • help plan and participate in the Information Literacy Summit