Message accompanying recommendation to Carol Schaafsma, March 5, 2009.


Hello, Carol.

Attached are the Outcome and Criteria Statement for Information Literacy(IL), a description of the 8 IL proficiencies needed to begin upper division coursework, and a letter of recommendation for IL. I am sending these on behalf of the Information Literacy Advisory Group of Oregon (ILAGO) in response to the tasks you assigned us in December (emails from our original conversation are below this message).

The recommendations I am forwarding represent over three years of articulation work by librarians, writing faculty, technologists and other faculty at two and four-year colleges and universities across Oregon. In addition to ILAGO, these recommendations have also been vetted by, and received approval and majority endorsement from, the Oregon Writing and English Advisory Committee (OWEAC) and the Oregon Community College Library Association (OCCLA).

There is strong agreement that the General Education writing sequence cannot carry the full burden of IL instruction. However, we do feel confident that IL instruction in the writing sequence, together with IL instruction embedded in other foundational requirements and/or discipline courses, will provide students with the instruction and practice they need in order to transfer and begin discipline specific work. The attached IL Outcomes and Criteria document describes it in this statement:

Upon completion of the AA/OT, in addition to the information literacy instruction provided in the general education writing sequence, students will also have taken a combination of other courses with the information literacy designation that together shall provide…[the course criteria].

It is unlikely that a course with an IL designation will fully cover all of the 8 IL proficiencies. However, a combination of courses can together provide direct instruction and practice in the IL proficiencies, that is pedagogically sound, and that will prepare students to meet transfer level standards. The IL proficiencies are entwined and overlapping to a great extent. Librarians on each campus can act as consultants in determining which courses will be given IL designations and will count toward fulfilling the IL requirement for that institution.

As ILAGO continues articulation work, we will maintain and grow strong inter-institutional relationships. These relationships allow us to feel confident that swirling students who meet the IL requirement at one community college also meet the requirement for completing the AA/OT at any of the other community colleges.

In closing, thank you so much for considering the ILAGO recommendation. I am looking forward to working together on the next phase of implementation. Please let me know how we can help support your efforts!

Best regards,

~Michele Burke


Reference Librarian

Chemeketa Community College