The 8th annual ILAGO Information Literacy Summit will be held May 10, 2014 at Linn Benton Community College campus in Albany, OR.  The theme for this year’s IL Summit is “IL for Everyone.”


The Summit typically has 60-80 attendees who come from many areas of practice (higher ed, public, K-12) and are eager to hear new ideas and ways to approach information literacy. We invite you to submit proposals for panels, presentations, discussions on best practices, and other programs. 


We are particularly interested in presentations that focus on collaboration on information literacy between and within different types of libraries and groups, such as:


  • Partnerships between public libraries and K-20 schools
  • Collaboration between library and non-library faculty in academic and school libraries
  • Information literacy initiatives or programs to meet workforce needs
  • Ways to cross-fertilize to expand critical thinking and information literacies across K-20
  • Teaching IL with new tools, shared ILS/SUMMIT catalog

Programs should be designed to run for a total of 45 minutes including Q&A. 


Program proposals will be accepted until Monday, March 3, 2014.


Please submit your proposals here: ILAGO IL Summit Program Proposal


We look forward to seeing everyone, details on the schedule will follow soon.



Andrea Bullock

Reference & Instruction Librarian

Clark College


Sara Jameson from Oregon State University shared this link with the OWEAC list and I think some ILAGO members will also find it interesting: Sara uses Sandra Jamieson’s work with WR 121 instructors at OSU as a way to delve deeper into students’ struggles with reading comprehension and research.  

Thank you to Sara for sharing.

The ILAGO Board will kick off the fall term with a face to face meeting to discuss all of the wonderful and exciting things in our world of Information Literacy! The meeting is open to all so please join us.

When: Friday, October 18, 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

Where: Portland Community College, Cascade Campus, Terrell Hall Room 112

Lunch: Bring your own or find a place to eat near campus.


9:00 a.m. – 9:30 a.m.    Welcome and Introductions

9:30 a.m. – 10:45 a.m.  Information Literacy in K-12. Guest: Susan Stone

11 a.m. – Noon               Revisiting the IL Sequence. Includes a discussion about how exactly to reframe ILAGO’s  approach, taking into consideration a more comprehensive cooperation that extends before and beyond the first two years of college writing, i.e. a K-20 approach.

Noon – 1 p.m.                Lunch – Brown Bag. We’ll plan to lunch with OWEAC.

1 p.m. – 1:30 p.m.         Tie-up any loose ends from conversation before lunch

1:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.   Assessment – Rick Stoddart of OSU and Brian Greene, formerly of Columbia Gorge CC, led a work group on this topic at the last Summit in spring 2013. We want to continue this conversation to keep abreast of the myriad of changes in K-12 education and Higher Ed. This conversation includes the Common Core Standards, Articulation Compacts, and potential changes in the governing boards of the OUS system. All of these changes will impact how we approach IL instruction. Guest: Rick Stoddart

2:30 p.m. – 3 p.m.         Wrap-up and adjourn

IL Summit in Bend this Saturday,  April 20th. Here’s a few last minute reminders for those of you making the trip to Bend.

If you are driving on Friday night or Saturday morning, forecast for the passes looks good – no snow! (some rain, perhaps). Nevertheless, please drive carefully – we look forward to seeing ALL of you in Bend on Saturday. Weather forecast for Bend, by the way, is for a partly cloudy 57 degrees.

The Summit will take place in OSU Cascades Hall on the Central Oregon Community College campus. Map and directions may be found here. Free parking is available just across the street at the Barber Library parking lot. Registration begins at 8:30 with coffee and breakfast served.

If you are going to be in Bend Friday evening, you are welcome to join folks at McMenamin’s Old St.  Francis School. Festivities should be beginning around 4:30 and children are welcome.

We look forward to seeing you at the 2013 IL Summit!

Bryan Miyagishima, 2012-13 ILAGO Chair

The following proposal is supported by ACRL-OR and ACRL-WA and a steering committee is working to advance the project.


Create a NW regional ACRL Immersion Program in partnership with regional ACRL chapters, the Orbis Cascade Alliance, and other supporters.


In April at the 2012 Oregon Library Association Conference the OLA Library Instruction Round Table sponsored the session “The ACRL Immersion experience- what’s in it for YOU?” a panel describing logistics and benefits of the Immersion Program. At the panel, it was suggested that a NW regional Immersion Program could be a viable opportunity for librarians who are unable to afford or attend a National Immersion.  It was also suggested that a regional Immersion Program would build a strong sense of community among the local professionals who share the experience. Attendees at the panel session showed support for the idea and on May 19, 2012, attendees of the 2012 Oregon Information Literacy Summit also showed strong support for a regional ACRL Immersion Program. Michele Burke is initiating this proposal that regional ACRL Chapters along with the Orbis Cascade Alliance partner on organizing and supporting a regional Immersion Program, and Susan Barnes Whyte, Library Director for Linfield College is a consulting expert and partner on this proposal. Susan was the 2009-2011 Co-Coordinator for the entire National Immersion Program and has been the lead faculty member for many regional Immersion Programs over the last 12 years. She has extensive experience in organizing Immersion Programs and has volunteered to work on the steering team for this project.

Overview of National ACRL Immersion

  • Cost for attending a National Immersion is generally about $1,400 plus travel
  • The tracks are not sequential, individuals apply for and attend whichever tracks fit best
  • What do the tracks mean? (Teacher, Intentional Teacher, Assessment, Program)
    • Teacher Track       focuses on individual development for those who are interested in enhancing,       refreshing, or extending their individual instruction skills (mostly       novice but could be a perfect fit, attendees are asked to come with a       class they are teaching)
    • Program Track       focuses on developing, integrating, and managing institutional and programmatic       information literacy programs
    • Intentional Teaching:       Reflective Practice to Improve Student Learning Track is intended for       the experienced academic librarian who wants to become more self-aware       and self-directed as a teacher (profound personal change, need at least 5       years teaching)
    • Assessment:       Demonstrating the Educational Value of the Academic Library Track is intended for librarians active in teaching and learning and those with  leadership roles for information literacy program development who want to improve their knowledge and practice of both classroom and program  assessment
  •  Where to learn more about National Immersion:

Considerations for a Regional Immersion Program

Generally a Classic Immersion Program is offered and may make the most sense according to Susan Barnes Whyte. Past regional Classic Immersion Programs offered the Teacher Track and the Program Track coordinated to last the same number of days with the faculty members (usually 5 instructors) teaching in both. Although there has not been a regional Assessment Program or Intentional Teacher Program, elements of these could be options and the regional Immersion Program could be tailored to fit local needs (see for example the current program for Cornell University).

Grant funding is a possibility. Washington state community colleges were awarded two LSTA grants to support a Classic Immersion Program with a follow-up (first in the summer of 2006 with a follow-up summer 2011). The LSTA grant allowed many community college librarians from all WA community colleges to attend the Teacher or Program Tracks and reduced the cost substantially for all attendees. Susan will discuss LSTA grant details with Deb Gilchrist and has proposed that we might work on a grant request together. For information on the WA program and links to information about the LSTA grant, see Dipping into ACRL Immersion: Advancing Information Literacy through Good Teaching and Program Design (

Action Items

  • Establish partnership with ACRL-WA, ACRL-OR, ACRL-ID and the Orbis Cascade Alliance
  • Form a steering team (Susan has offered to serve on the steering team and assist with logistics)
  • Decide which Immersion Program(s) to bring to the region (this decision must be made prior to contacting ACRL National Immersion and Susan recommends Classic Immersion)
  • Gather support for the regional Immersion (examples of support include financial sponsorship, a hosting organization, and housing)
  • Prior to approaching ACRL National, regional partners must be strongly organized and must have thought about funding in detail

ILAGO’s Fall general membership meeting is this Monday, November 19th at Pacific University in Forest Grove, from 1:00-5:00pm in the Schauermann Conference Room within the Library. (see announcement with agenda below).

Jen, the ILAGO Technology Officer, is arranging an option to attend virtually using GoogleHangouts. We haven’t used GoogleHangouts for this before, so fingers crossed!


GoogleHangout Instructions from Jen

You will need:

1. access to audio (mic + speakers or headset) or audio and video

2. a google account

Before the Meeting (ASAP):

  1. send your google account address to my gmail: I will reply to your message from my gmail account
  2. Add my gmail account ( to a Google+ circle.

Day of the Meeting:
1. Login to your Google account. 2. Navigate to Google+. 3. Look for the “hangouts” icon on the left sidebar (may be under more). 4. You should see me, Jen,  “hanging out.” Join!
Email me (Jen) with any questions (; on behalf of; Jen Klaudinyi


ILAGO Meeting Announcement Hello ILAGO members,

I’d like to invite any interested members of the ILAGO list to our Fall meeting on November 19 in Forest Grove, sponsored by the Pacific University Library. We will be meeting from  1:00-5:00 in the Schauermann Conference Room within the Library. On the agenda:

– sharing of IL news and activities

– IL/Library advocacy

– review of the IL charter

– planning for the Spring IL Summit

Please feel free to share this invitation with others who you think might be interested.

While I’ve had a chance to chat over the phone and skype with some ILAGO folks over the past couple of weeks, it will be very nice to have some face-to-face conversation for once. I look forward to seeing you there!


Bryan Miyagishima, Linn-Benton Community College Library, ILAGO Chair


ILAGO Call for Board nominations

The Information Literacy Advisory Group of Oregon is looking for nominations to for the following positions on the board:

Chair – 1 year term as chair / 1 year term as past chair

It is preferable the Chair position alternate from year to year between university/college, two year college, and K-12 representation. 

The current Chair – Robert Monge is from a university/college. We encourage nominations for chair to be from a two year college or K-12 institution.

Vice Chair/Chair elect — 1 year term; acts as Chair the following 1 year term; acts as Past Chair for a 1 year term

K-12 representative – 2 year term

College/University Representative – 2 year term
Interested members should E-mail Robert Monge by May 25th.  Voting will take place from May 26th –June 8th.

Robert Monge


Position descriptions:

Chair organizes the fall meeting and relevant board meetings throughout the year.  The chair coordinates with the working groups throughout the year. The Chair will work as needed with outside groups in the articulation of information literacy. The chair coordinates financial responsibilities with the board.

Vice-Chair/Chair Elect assumes the office of Chair after one year as Vice Chair. The vice-chair assists the Chair; becomes familiar with the on-going conversation around IL in Oregon; facilitates the Oregon IL conversation and IL articulation among ILAGO members; attends meetings and chairs meetings in the absence of the Chair.

K-12 Representative represents the information literacy interests of the K-12 community.  Representatives will participate in board meetings when possible and provide feedback, commentary, and vote on ongoing issues presented by the board.  K-12 representatives are encouraged but not required to attend the fall meeting, Spring Summit, and participate in workgroups as their schedule allows.  

College/University Representative represents the information literacy interests of the college/university and will participate in board meetings when possible and feedback, commentary, and vote on ongoing issues presented by the board. College/University representatives are encouraged but not required to attend the fall meeting, Spring Summit, and participate in workgroups as their schedule allows.