ILAGO fall meeting at PCC Cascades

The ILAGO Board will kick off the fall term with a face to face meeting to discuss all of the wonderful and exciting things in our world of Information Literacy! The meeting is open to all so please join us.

When: Friday, October 18, 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

Where: Portland Community College, Cascade Campus, Terrell Hall Room 112

Lunch: Bring your own or find a place to eat near campus.


9:00 a.m. – 9:30 a.m.    Welcome and Introductions

9:30 a.m. – 10:45 a.m.  Information Literacy in K-12. Guest: Susan Stone

11 a.m. – Noon               Revisiting the IL Sequence. Includes a discussion about how exactly to reframe ILAGO’s  approach, taking into consideration a more comprehensive cooperation that extends before and beyond the first two years of college writing, i.e. a K-20 approach.

Noon – 1 p.m.                Lunch – Brown Bag. We’ll plan to lunch with OWEAC.

1 p.m. – 1:30 p.m.         Tie-up any loose ends from conversation before lunch

1:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.   Assessment – Rick Stoddart of OSU and Brian Greene, formerly of Columbia Gorge CC, led a work group on this topic at the last Summit in spring 2013. We want to continue this conversation to keep abreast of the myriad of changes in K-12 education and Higher Ed. This conversation includes the Common Core Standards, Articulation Compacts, and potential changes in the governing boards of the OUS system. All of these changes will impact how we approach IL instruction. Guest: Rick Stoddart

2:30 p.m. – 3 p.m.         Wrap-up and adjourn


ILAGO Membership Meeting, Monday, Nov. 19th (details and virtual option)

ILAGO’s Fall general membership meeting is this Monday, November 19th at Pacific University in Forest Grove, from 1:00-5:00pm in the Schauermann Conference Room within the Library. (see announcement with agenda below).

Jen, the ILAGO Technology Officer, is arranging an option to attend virtually using GoogleHangouts. We haven’t used GoogleHangouts for this before, so fingers crossed!


GoogleHangout Instructions from Jen

You will need:

1. access to audio (mic + speakers or headset) or audio and video

2. a google account

Before the Meeting (ASAP):

  1. send your google account address to my gmail: I will reply to your message from my gmail account
  2. Add my gmail account ( to a Google+ circle.

Day of the Meeting:
1. Login to your Google account. 2. Navigate to Google+. 3. Look for the “hangouts” icon on the left sidebar (may be under more). 4. You should see me, Jen,  “hanging out.” Join!
Email me (Jen) with any questions (; on behalf of; Jen Klaudinyi


ILAGO Meeting Announcement Hello ILAGO members,

I’d like to invite any interested members of the ILAGO list to our Fall meeting on November 19 in Forest Grove, sponsored by the Pacific University Library. We will be meeting from  1:00-5:00 in the Schauermann Conference Room within the Library. On the agenda:

– sharing of IL news and activities

– IL/Library advocacy

– review of the IL charter

– planning for the Spring IL Summit

Please feel free to share this invitation with others who you think might be interested.

While I’ve had a chance to chat over the phone and skype with some ILAGO folks over the past couple of weeks, it will be very nice to have some face-to-face conversation for once. I look forward to seeing you there!


Bryan Miyagishima, Linn-Benton Community College Library, ILAGO Chair


Call for ILAGO Board nominations

ILAGO Call for Board nominations

The Information Literacy Advisory Group of Oregon is looking for nominations to for the following positions on the board:

Chair – 1 year term as chair / 1 year term as past chair

It is preferable the Chair position alternate from year to year between university/college, two year college, and K-12 representation. 

The current Chair – Robert Monge is from a university/college. We encourage nominations for chair to be from a two year college or K-12 institution.

Vice Chair/Chair elect — 1 year term; acts as Chair the following 1 year term; acts as Past Chair for a 1 year term

K-12 representative – 2 year term

College/University Representative – 2 year term
Interested members should E-mail Robert Monge by May 25th.  Voting will take place from May 26th –June 8th.

Robert Monge


Position descriptions:

Chair organizes the fall meeting and relevant board meetings throughout the year.  The chair coordinates with the working groups throughout the year. The Chair will work as needed with outside groups in the articulation of information literacy. The chair coordinates financial responsibilities with the board.

Vice-Chair/Chair Elect assumes the office of Chair after one year as Vice Chair. The vice-chair assists the Chair; becomes familiar with the on-going conversation around IL in Oregon; facilitates the Oregon IL conversation and IL articulation among ILAGO members; attends meetings and chairs meetings in the absence of the Chair.

K-12 Representative represents the information literacy interests of the K-12 community.  Representatives will participate in board meetings when possible and provide feedback, commentary, and vote on ongoing issues presented by the board.  K-12 representatives are encouraged but not required to attend the fall meeting, Spring Summit, and participate in workgroups as their schedule allows.  

College/University Representative represents the information literacy interests of the college/university and will participate in board meetings when possible and feedback, commentary, and vote on ongoing issues presented by the board. College/University representatives are encouraged but not required to attend the fall meeting, Spring Summit, and participate in workgroups as their schedule allows.  


Membership Model – DRAFT open for comment


Pre-Defined positions:

  • Chair (responsible for finances)
  • Past Chair (plans IL Summit)
  • Technology/Communications
  • K-12 Representative (optional)
  • Community College Rep
  • University Rep


  • Facilitate Fall meeting & IL Summit Planning;
  • Act on IL related issues between meetings (i.e. letters, advocacy, etc.)



  • Open- membership defined by subscription to the ILAGO listserv
  • Join ILAGO listserv, participate in IL discussions
  • Vote in board elections – ballot distributed via listserv
  • Invited to Fall meeting
    • Report – what’s going on at your institution?
    • Bring materials to share/maybe post on ILAGO website
    • Discuss & set agenda for the year
  • Take information from ILAGO meetings back to home institution
  • Volunteer for ILAGO projects as needed and desired (including Summit planning)
  • Attend IL Summit, volunteer at IL Summit
  • Lead and/or facilitate discussions/work groups/presentations at spring Summit based on year’s agenda.

The Fall meeting could be centered around administration (open discussion of the state of IL in Oregon; budget report, if needed;  other items that people submit ahead of time to add to the agenda, etc.) and kick-off for planning the next IL Summit, where non-board folks have the opportunity to volunteer to help and/or host the summit.


Fiscal Options- DRAFT open for comment

(compiled by Uta Hussong-Christian)

The impetus for investigating ILAGO’s fiscal options is the current situation where the organization’s finances are handled by the Oregon Library Association. The funds generated by the annual Oregon Information Literacy Summit are posted to the fund line “Info Lit Summit” (correct?) under ACRL-OR (or is it LIRT?). ILAGO has no direct control over the funds and, in fact, and must run vendor payment requests through the LIRT chair. ILAGO is charged a 6% fee on all credit card transactions (this can flucuate depending on the bank fees that OLA sees being charged by the various credit card providers), but there is no fee levied for invoice payments.

I investigated the following options for managing ILAGO finances:

  • through OUS-level foundation (had previous experience with this at another state university system)
  • through the Alliance
  • following the Code4Lib conference model (Code4Lib is independent of any institution and is not “formally” organized as a non profit)
  • through OSU Conference Services (quote is pending)

1. OUS-level foundation
According to Jackie Thorsness (Dir of Budget & Business Svcs) at the OUS Comptroller’s Office, the individual OUS institutions have their own foundations and there is no mechanism available at the OUS level to handle funds from loosely-affiliated organizations like ILAGO. Jackie stated that if an OUS official were affiliated with our organization then they might be able to help us. But since they have no direct control or involvement with ILAGO, managing ILAGO finances through OUS is not possible.

2. Alliance
I contacted Laura Zeigen at OHSU who had experience setting up the Alliance Research Interest Group ARIG) through the Alliance. The Alliance is able to provide webpage and listserv support only; they can provide no support for organization finances.

3. Code4Lib Conference Model
Each institution that hosts Code4Lib handles the finances for that year; it is part of their commitment to figure out how to make that happen with their institution. At the conclusion of the event, any balance of funds is sent in check form to the next hosting institution. I talked with OSU’s Business Affairs folks (they handle OSU Libraries’ accounting matters) who indicated that Code4Lib is unique in that they are able to assign the incoming funds to a index code that is associated with one of our staff member’s endowment funds (the staff member is also one of the founding members of the Code4Lib conference and is active with the event every year).

Typically OSU can’t mingle state funds and other types of funds but this situation is unique because of the endowment. Because there is no endowment-type of fund (I, for instance, don’t have an endowed postion) that could be used for incoming ILAGO funds, this type of arrangement will not work.

4. OSU Conference Services
OSU has a fully operational Conference Planning Center which offers a variety of services including conference registration and “bill pay” for conference expenses among other things. We could keep funds with OSU Conference Services from year to year. The only requirement for continuing a relationship with OSU Conference Services is that someone on the ILAGO board has to have an OUS connection (yes I do mean Oregon University System, which should be no problem). So this frees us from having to have an OSU person always on the board.

The downside to this potential arrangement is the fees that OSU Conference Services charges. The basic work to set up registration websites and do bill pay is either done on an hourly fee or “per registrant” fee (for ~80 attendees, I was told they would just do the hourly rate). Additionally there is a 3% fee assessed for process each incoming payment and a 3% fee assessed for process each outgoing expense payment. OSU Conference Services is putting together a quote for me, but right now the fee arrangement seems quite excessive. Update (2/24/2012): OSU Conference Services quote .

Based on the options investigated, it appears that continuing our present arrangement with OLA is the least costly (and does not require us to formally organize which we need to do if we seek any kind of arrangement where we have a bank account).

Winter 2012 Timeline

For those who participated in our Fall Meeting, or those who would like to be more involved in planning and structuring ILAGO, here is our Winter 2012 timeline:

February 24 –work groups have mission statement, membership, fiscal agent information

February 24-March 9 — Open up for two week comment period on m ission statement, membership, fiscal agent info

March 9 — Ilago board meeting (online) to finalize mission statement, membership, fiscal agent info

March 12- March 23 call for nominations on board

Voting on board March 26 – April 6

Fall 2011 Timeline

Oct 4-8: schedule board meeting to work on draft of bylaws/position descriptions

Oct 11-14: post bylaws and boar position descriptions for open comment

Oct 19-22: call for a vote on bylaws and position descriptions

Oct 25-Nov 5: call for nominees to board positions

Nov 8-12: call for vote on nominees

Nov 15: Announce New Board

Nov 11 or 18: Fall ILAGO meeting (more info to come)