The Cooperative Library Instruction Project (CLIP) is an LSTA funded project in Oregon focused on creating learning objects such as the ones being discussed on the ILAGO list. CLIP and ILAGO work together! CLIP will create online resources for instruction in both skills and tools, but skills around Oregon’s 8 IL proficiencies are seen as the most pressing need, so that’s the starting place this summer.

The grant is being administered out of Western Oregon University and Allen McKiel, Dean of Library and Media Services, has discussed how CLIP online modules will provide content and activities for instruction in the IL proficiencies similar to the way an online text book might work. These modules could be used in a stand-alone courses or as individual clips to supplement other instruction…the use is flexible. CLIP objects will be available online to anyone, and folks are free to modify as needed for local use.

For the “comprehensive context…specific IL objectives and competencies” that Tina mentions, CLIP is using the 8 IL proficiencies (29 parts if you include the examples listed on the IL graphic…the one with the puzzle pieces at the top). These proficiencies have been articulated and vetted by librarians and other info lit faculty in Oregon, so they represent a common need and strong starting place. CLIP has also been soliciting input from OWEAC to get an idea of specific modules these instructors would find useful for incorporating IL into writing/English courses.

CLIP is going to use Articulate with Camtasia/Snag-IT to begin production of these learning objects. Four institutions have agreed to collaborate in getting the project up and running- but eventually, contributions from people outside of this group will be needed to keep it going. CLIP is also working on creating a framework (description of standards for creating CLIPs in order to facilitate collaboration…look for updates on this as it progresses).

CLIP participants:

Robert Monge (Western Oregon University)

John Repplinger (Willamette University)

Michele Burke (Chemeketa Community College)

___________ (Oregon State University)

and Jen Klaudinyi (will start in July as project coordinator working out of Western)

Visit CLIP at

Best contact for CLIP info and discussion = Robert Monge, but John and I are also happy to answer questions and talk about the project. We’re looking forward to having Jen here soon.

~Michele Burke