A quick update on what’s been happening around the AA/OT for Information Literacy… The CIA IL Taskforce working on clarifying how schools will comply with the AA/OT requirements has asked that we translate our proficiencies into the AA/OT Outcomes and Criteria format for their review. For want of a more organized point of communication, the working group that was charged to devise a formal structure for the IL Summit group has fielded that request. This was not part of their original charge and they are sensitive to that fact. The urgency to provide this information to the Taskforce is great, so Michele (Chemeketa), Kate Sullivan (Lane), Robin Shapiro (PCC) and Doyne Mraz (Rogue) mocked up a draft of this document for wider consideration.

The draft document is posted on this website under the page named IL Proficiencies in AA/OT format.  We need you all to make sure that your institutions participate in the review and comment activities. Michele will be coming to the OCCLA meeting on February 27th. At that point, she hopes to be able to speak more broadly about the feedback coming in on the draft. You can help move this process along by encouraging your instruction librarians and other information literacy instructors to review the draft and contribute feedback using the comment feature on that page.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Natalie Beach and Michele Burke