*PAIL Meeting @ PSU Tuesday February 24^th , 6:30 -8:30 pm *



Please join us at Portland State University for the next Portland Area Information Literacy (PAIL) group meeting.


/When:/ February 24 from 6:30 -8:30 pm.


/Where:/ PSU Millar Library room 160 (first floor)

Everyone is welcome — public, high school and academic librarians, library school students or anyone else interested in information literacy. RSVPs are appreciated (just to get a general head count — schroedr@pdx.edu ) but feel free to just drop by if you’d like to.


On the agenda will be:

*Portland Public Schools “Initiative for 21^st Century Libraries in all our Schools”

– Susan Stone from Portland Public Schools*

In order to help Portland students meet or exceed academic standards this initiative is aiming to:


1. Increase capacity for information literacy instruction, technology skills and


improved library administrative services.


2) Capitalize on research which shows that school library programs raise student achievement scores in core disciplines, and cultivates life-long reading habits for students at all levels.


*”Info Lit Proficiencies for High School Students going to College — a Draft”

– Anna Johnson, Coordinator Information Literacy Instruction, Mt. Hood Community College*


A group of high school and college librarians in the Portland area has developed a draft of what “Information Literacy” might look like for a graduating high school senior. These draft proficiencies are based on the work initially done over the past few years by the Oregon IL Summit, where 8 general proficiencies were developed for college juniors.


*”Emotion, Values and Information Literacy Standards”

– Bob Schroeder, Coordinator of Information Literacy, Portland State University*


What does feeling have to do with research? Should we care? Should we have an Information Literacy Standard at ACRL that relates to the affective side of information and research? Pithy questions to be sure.


Hope to see you at this meeting! — Bob Schroeder



*/PAIL — Information Literacy, one drop at a time. /*


A link to PSU’s and the Millar Library’s locations & parking http://www.pdx.edu/map.html If you’re driving Parking Structure #P1 at 6th Ave. and Harrison is a good one to use. Enter from 6th Ave. only.